About Us



What started as a journey to better my own knowledge of recording and cataloging original music I had written and learning as I went through the demoing process on garage band, I discovered my passion needed to rise to the next level. I decided to embark on the path of college courses to raise the bar for myself in  sound engineering, foley, live sound and last but not least, undertaking a course on the industry standard ‘Pro Tools’.

Through networking at school I was able to intern for various local production companies. I was learning valuable tricks of the trade and I discovered a love for the behind the scenes side of producing sound for many types of entertainment and events. These experiences led me back to my desire to return my focus on capturing sound the best way I could. I invested in top of the line recording equipment, and started my path of recording artists and bands. Keen to the fact that we are alway’s learning new techniques to the ever evolving world of recording, I then segued into the world of podcast producing. Through my knowledge of both live sound and recording, I’m turning my sights on not only bringing a big production knowledge to a small scale affordable rental company, but spreading the love of music and inspiring stories by real people in the podcast world as well. I hope to gain more experience to one day have my own inspiring story to share with the world.